AI Powered Fleet Telematics Solution

 The Facts About Driver Distraction


Fatalities / Day

caused by distraction-affected fatal crashes in the US. (source: NHTSA)

1.6 Million

Crashes / Year

due to cellphone usage while driving in the US. (source: National Safety Council)



texting or emailing while driving in the US. (source: National Safety Council)

VURO Detects & Prevents Dangerous Driving  Behaviors

Distracted Driving, Drowsy Driving,  ...


Dual HD Cameras

Built-in dual HD cameras with wide angle (145 degrees) lens for both road & cabin video evidence recording.

Detection using AI

AI powered detection algorithms to monitor driver & vehicle behaviors including distraction, drowsiness, cellphone usage, etc.

Night Vision Support

Built-in Infrared lights to largely improve the Night Vision capability during extreme low light conditions.

Hardened Units

Industrial grade components to ensure the performance under harsh environment (-20 ~ 70 °C operation temperature).

Fleet Management

A powerful but user-friendly platform for  real-time monitoring and historical trip details, e.g. vehicle tracking, Geo-fence, video-based event messages, etc.