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Driver Exoneration

VuroCam automatically detects and records video that can be used to exonerate drivers.

Look ahead. See the yellow school bus pulling out of the side street? See the white car? We've all been there--a perhaps frustrated driver in the white car slowly following the bus is anxious to get back on the road but impatience is about to win out.

The school bus pulls out turning left across our lane. As our vehicle approaches and passes by the bus, suddenly the white car begins to pull out, right into the path of our unsuspecting driver who instinctively brakes hard and swerves left to avoid an almost sure collision! The hard-braking triggers the VuroCam, which automatically uploads the video to the Vuro cloud.

The impatient white-car driver, stunned to see their error, had immediately braked though they were already partially blocking our lane. But it was enough that our driver was able to steer clear and avoid the collision. Fortunately, it is only a close call today. Had a collision occurred, our driver would have the video-based evidence to exonerate himself from any unjust blame for causing the collision and clearly showing the impatient driver to be at fault.

Driver exoneration is one of many benefits that continuous, onboard recording & video sequence upload delivers to drivers and fleets. CAA

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