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NAFA 2020 Institute & Exhibit, 14-17 Sept

Our first virtual booth at our first virtual conference and exhibit #NAFA2020 held 14-17 September 2020. Kudos to NAFA Fleet Management Association who made the pivot from in-person to virtual conference in this year of the Coronavirus!

We showed a short video overview of the Vuro AI Powered Driver Safety System which you can view at this link, had downloads of our datasheets an brochure and held a prize drawing for three free VuroCam's.

It was a great learning experience never to be forgotten! The Chat rooms were the primary means of meeting and interacting with other attendees. The presentations with Q&A were most informative as usual and the evening Zoom social provide an interesting twist to networking. However, all agreed, they are no replacement for in-person face-to-face meetings.

We look forward to a return to in-person NAFA I&E meetings! We hope to meet you there! CAA

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