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Vurocam for Safety & Efficiency

Because Safety Matters--the VuroCam AI powered driver safety system can be used for driver monitoring, training and improvements in driver behavior. But that's not all. This 6-min video will give you an overview of the Vuro Fleet Management System which utilizes the dual-camera VuroCam, OBDII port reader, GPS sensor and G-force sensor to provide a full suite of video and vehicle analytics to increase fleet safety and efficiency.

Vuro Technologies utilizes cutting-edge technology to improve the safety and efficiency of the operation of commercial and private fleets. Using “IoT” and “AI” technology, VuroCam monitors driver behavior, in-vehicle performance, and real-time GPS tracking. The Vuro Fleet Management System provides the right tools for fleet managers to prevent incidents, coach and reward drivers to avoid dangerous behaviors, protect and exonerate drivers from unjust accident claims, and maintain the organization's reputation.

After all, safer driving behaviors ultimately benefit all road users. CAA

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