Providing 24/7 Protection to Fleets & Drivers

    • Built-in AI algorithms to detect dangerous driving behaviors, including Distraction, Drowsiness, Hard Acceleration/Braking/Cornering, Speeding, etc. 

    • Multi-Sensor fusion to provide complete status monitoring to both drivers and vehicles

    • 24/7 protection during Day & Night

    • Dual Wide-Angle HD Cameras to capture any moment for both Road and Cabin

    • Built-in high accuracy GPS for real-time vehicle tracking and customized Geo-fence

    • Robust 4G/LTE for fast data message and video transmission

    • Emergency Call function to provide communication / road-side assistance at any time 


  • Improve driver safety & skills

  • Prevent Distraction & Drowsiness

  • In-cabin alert messages

  • Emergency service 24/7

  • Video-based evidence


  • Track vehicles in real-time

  • Customize Geo-fence

  • Real-time alerts for user-configurable events

  • Driver performance dashboards


  • Avoid accidents at the source

  • Reduce claims and losses

  • Empower the claim processing using event videos

  • Assess risk based on actual driver behaviors

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