AI-Powered Management Platform

A powerful but easy-to-use management platform, which allows fleet managers to track vehicle status in real-time, customize Geo-fences for different vehicle groups, analyze video-based event messages and coach drivers to increase fleet safety. 

Machine Learning Algorithms

Video-based Event Messages

Fleet Safety Improvement

  • Detailed trip history including location, speed & events at any moment

  • Detection for dangerous driving behaviors to improve driver safety

• Distraction

• Drowsiness

• Hard Brake

• Hard Acceleration

• Crash

• Cellphone usage

  • Real-time monitoring of dangerous driving behaviors to improve driver & vehicle safety

  • Coach drivers to improve driving skills and avoid high-risk behaviors

  • Automatic incident video and data upload

  • Provide video-based evidence to support claim processing

  • GPS tracking with real-time location & speed

  • User configurable Geo-Fence for asset protection

  • Real-time video monitoring for both road and cabin

  • Automatic event data upload

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